The Cave of Katafygi, Katafygi

Legend has it that the cave of Katafygi stretches from its entrance in the area of Xilino near Katafygi, just below the church of Agios Nikolaos, all the way to the village of Faros. According to local tradition, during the years of Turkish rule, a group of Turkish soldiers went to a local church to arrest some residents of the village that were attending services at the time. The priest begged the soldiers to delay the villagers’ arrest until after the ceremony. They agreed, though little did they know that while they were waiting outside, the priest along with those inside, escaped into the cave from an entrance that was under the floor of the church. After enough time had passed, the Turks entered the church, only to find it empty. Though both archaeological and speleological studies have taken place within the cave, those wishing to visit the cave today, must bring their own equipment and obtain a special permit before doing so.

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