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The island is informally divided into three distinct parts (North, Central, South) which are not that easily connected to one another. This isolation however has added to the long island’s charm, as each region maintains its own flair, customs, isolated mountains and natural attractions. You’ll be amazed at the designated Natura 2000 areas such as Mount Telethrio, the Riverine Forest of Agios Nikolaos and the Kandili Mountain. You might also come across officially designated ‘Landscapes of Particular Natural Beauty’ such as the islands of Monoglia, Lichades and Strongili. Historical sites, Venetian towers, old monasteries and superb beaches will astound you across the island, so get ready to enjoy Evia in all its glory.


While the central part is easily accessible by road from Mainland Greece, the North and South are better reached by boat crossings. In keeping with this magical spirit of this relatively undiscovered island with all its rich beauty Ecotourism-Greece has decided to treat each part alone and let you discover the myriad of mysteries per region.

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