An eco-paradise in a forgotten part of Crete

If you are looking for a unique and authentic experience in Crete, you should visit LIMNI, an eco-agro-tourism project that offers off-road holidays in a natural and sustainable way. LIMNI is not just a place to stay, but a way of living in harmony with yourself, others and the environment.

You will enjoy the comfort of ecological bedding, the personalized service of a tailor-made holiday with tips from the owner herself, and the total immersion in a typical Cretan environment with no wifi but a beautiful connection to nature. LIMNI also invites you to discover the rich and diverse ecotourism activities available on site or nearby, such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, fishing, birdwatching, beekeeping, olive picking, cheese making and more. You will also learn about the main ecological practices of the property, such as the construction of eco-friendly houses with natural materials, the creation of a forest garden with edible plants and trees, the use of solar energy and composting toilets, and the production of organic food and products.

LIMNI is more than a holiday destination, it is a way of life that respects the past, the present and the future. Come and join this beautiful human adventure and fall in love with Crete! Read more about this gorgeous eco-friendly property here.

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