Alonissos, Greece’s eco island

Alonissos Island set to become British eco favorite

British travelers are increasingly demanding more sustainable vacation options, so when ABTA – The Travel Association (formerly the Association of British Travel Agents) announces a new eco-friendly destination, it is wise to take note!

Recently, ABTA voted the charming island of Alonissos off the coast of Pelion in Central Greece as one of “the world’s best ecotourism destinations”, calling it “a newer addition to the ecotourism clan”, according to travel journalist Victoria Beardwood. ABTA is spot on in its assessment, as Alonissos is one of our favorite best kept secrets for gorgeous seaside island vacations, complete with a sustainable twist. To begin with, the Natural Marine Park of Alonissos is home to the endangered Mediterranean monk seal, to be seen only as part of a rehabilitation or rescue visit. For a really meaningful vacation, you can book as a volunteer, accommodation included, through Mom, the Hellenic Society for the Study and Protection of the Monk Seal.

Beyond the seals, there are fantastic tree-shaded and sea-view hiking paths outlined by Danish artist Bente Keller who is married to a local and has been living on the island for many years. Her website showcases her hiking books and her artwork at Gallery 5, which is worth discovering in the island’s gorgeously preserved old town or Palio Horio.

For eco-friendly accommodation the Ikion Eco Boutique Hotel, a proud Ecotourism Greece member, will delight you, as owner Gianna Athanasiou tells you all about the island’s eco secrets. Τhere are also many small family owned stone-built homes, such as these two villas, that support heritage preservation in the old town.

This is just a snapshot of what this unspoiled island has to offer, and we beg you to tread lightly if you do go, doing everything possible to contribute to a greener stay. A bonus for those into holistic health, the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy on Alonissos offers advanced and postgraduate courses on homeopathy at a world-class level. This island is indeed full of surprises. Read more about Alonissos here and send us an email if you have any questions.

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