Sea Pearl Studios

This little pearl by the sea, with eight cozy studios in bright colors and an eco-friendly philosophy, epitomize the excellent family-run hotels that Greece is famous for.Having received excellent reviews on different online platforms, the property offers clean, fresh and friendly accommodation that is great for couples and families, thanks to the pool, private garden and long nearby beach of Nea Vrasna, the quaint seaside town on Northern Greece’s Strymonian Gulf.

A delicious eco local breakfast!

We’re very happy to include this lovely little hotel in our collection of green properties, because the owner, Mr. Epitropou, has made a good effort to embrace environmentally friendly and sustainability practices, starting with the local breakfast. Indeed, the hearty morning meal is made up of “90% local products, including the famous custard pies (bougatsa) from nearby Serres, as well as Greek fruit, milk, yogurt, eggs, and olive oil from local producers.” Even the tomatoes and little cucumbers come right from the owner’s very own vegetable garden. You’ll also get to taste homemade jams and preserves (peach, wild plum, grape, fig, orange and more), plus delicious honey from the region.

In addition to preparing light meals in your very own kitchenette, you’re encouraged to try the nearby restaurants and contribute to the local economy, making sure to choose Greek eateries and “tavernas” for lunch or dinner. Go easy on the meat, giving preference to traditional seafood, vegetarian and vegan options to stay eco and reduce your carbon footprint. One more point, the tap water is potable and it’s of very good quality. Skip the plastic as much as possible.

Activities and attractions

There are several eco-friendly activities in the area to choose from. To begin with, the owner himself is an avid scuba diver and works with the reputable Athos Scuba Diving center that highlights the sea’s biodiversity. You can also ask Mr. Epitropou about a gorgeous 3-hour hiking trip that heads to Skiti near Mount Athos and takes you by a stream. You can even go by bike!

Just minutes away by car, you must visit nearby Lake Volvi, a favorite of birdwatchers but also those who like idyllic walks and to admire the inland beauty of Northern Greece. Equally close yet to the east of Nea Vrasna is the Archeological Museum of Amphipolis and the Lion of Amphipolis, definitely worth a detour if you like the idea of visiting Alexander the Great’s stomping grounds. Ancient history fans can also visit Stagira half an hour away, an enchanting site lying on rolling green hills by the sea. And if you want to go off the beaten path head back inland to the traditional village of Arnaia for a delicious meal and a stroll.

Green operations

On the operational side, the staff use only green cleaning products, are trained regarding eco practices and respect the sheet/towel reuse program. There are also three recycling bins (paper, glass, plastic) right outside the premises, and the clients are encouraged to follow all green practices including recycling. In terms of energy conservation, the property boasts double-glazed energy windows, energy insulated building facades, photovoltaic panels to contribute to electricity production, and solar water heating for hot water from the sun.

We loved the fact that the property favors stone, iron, steel and wood to plastic, even when it comes to the furniture. All appliances such as fridges, stoves, air conditions and TVs are energy efficient. Ecotourism Greece is also working with the management on how to make its premises and pool even greener!



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