Porfyron means purple red, reflecting the color of this gorgeous hotel which stands like a red beacon among the mostly grey stone houses of Ano Pedina. This picturesque town is located 35 kilometers north of Ioannina and is one of the 46 still inhabited villages in the Zagori region.

The hotel is located in the center of the village, opposite the church. It was originally built in 1850 as a doctor’s residence and at some point operated as a school for girls. Today, Hotel Porfyron offers eight spacious, tastefully decorated rooms. Each room is named after a famous mountain in Greece. The aristocratic house has been restored in a sustainable way, maintaining its original character (for example the 170 year old ceilings are still in original condition). There’s a lovely outdoor terrace and a beautifully landscaped garden.

Authenticity and great cuisine

Hotel Porfyron is a paradise for lovers of serene tranquility, natural beauty, local tradition and authentic Greek cuisine. Owners and hosts Yiannis Kirligitsis and Rita Berends place a high priority on encouraging local tradition. You’ll definitely receive a warm welcome in accordance with good Greek habits and be pampered during your stay with a more personal touch, a full breakfast and tasty dinners.

Every night Yiannis prepares a delicious four-course dinner based on local fare, organic produce and fair-trade products. The couple’s philosophy is to offer guests a stay that they won’t forget and “an energy that they can take home with them.” After all, Zagori is known for its peace and quiet. The warm embrace of the mountains, excellent food and a fantastic stay that’s as eco-friendly as possible. All these elements have contributed to high ratings for the property and a high number of returning guests.

As part of their holistic philosophy, Yiannis and Rita are working to keep the tranquility, beauty and purity of Zagori for the next generation. They are striving to be a symbol of eco-friendliness and ecological awareness yet without sacrificing modern comforts.

A paradise for rafters, hikers and cyclists

Zagori is home to the impressive Vikos Gorge, considered the world’s second deepest gorge after the Grand Canyon. Rising up to 1,040 meters in several places, the gorge boasts steep walls that captivate visitors. Importantly, it is crossed by the Voidomatis River, ideal for rafting adventures and hiking. Nature lovers will also revel in the Vikos-Aoos National Park, founded in 1973, and extending over 126 square kilometers to cover the gorge, Mount Tymfi and the Aoos river. Rare species of fauna and flora flourish in the National Park, including endangered species of birds, foxes, deer and even bears.

Because the region remained cut off from the rest of the country for decades, it boasts an extensive network of old footpaths in good condition. You can definitely explore the region and a few of its villages following these tracks, and if you’re a serious hiker, you can tackle the nearby massifs. Many hiking centers have set up day hikes and multiple-day excursions, where you’ll come across picturesque villages, hidden peaks and scenic landscapes. Yiannis and Rita will be more than happy to help you plan your ecotourism excursion in the fascinating wilderness of Zagori.




Hotel Information

Location: Ioannina
Contact Details:

Ano Pedina, Zagori 44007, Ioannina, Greece

+30 26530 71579




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