Panorama Gennadi Hotel

Panorama Gennadi Hotel

If you want to see the more authentic side of Rhodes in a quiet, welcoming atmosphere not far from the beach, head to the cozy Panorama Hotel in Gennadi. You’ll love the homely atmosphere that Eleni (Lena) has created!

Welcome to a little quiet corner of Rhodes that will reveal all the charms of the Dodecanese away from mass tourism. As soon as you reach the Panorama Hotel you’ll be impressed by the kindness of Lena and her French partner Yves who have poured their love into this place. The Panorama is ideal for a stay of at the very least 3 days so that you can really learn about the place, culture and nature of the area. Outdoor activities abound, while the property itself boasts tasty cuisine along with services such as Wi-Fi internet and laundry.

Good value and great flavors

To put it simply, the Panorama hotel offers very good value for money. All rooms offer a majestic sea view, and come either with a large double bed or two single beds. The sea-view balcony (hence the name Panorama) is great to sit and relax on, while modern comforts such as AC, in-room fridge, and Wi-Fi in common areas are all there.

Breakfasts are optional, and if you do opt for a morning meal you’ll find a hearty and healthy one full of local products and flavors. The best part about being hosted by a Greek-French couple is that you get hearty Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Gallic finesse and lots of fine wine. Fresh salads, fine Greek cheeses and tasty cold cuts are all on the menu, as well light dishes with strong focus on local ingredients. If you’re there in Summer don’t forget to try the homemade sorbets with fresh fruit!

Lena also encourages you to try the local cuisine nearby, with three seafood ‘tavernas’ right on the quiet and very clean beach in Gennadi – perfect for lunch after some swimming in the crystal waters or for dinner as the sun sets!

Lots to see and do outdoors, with many hidden treasures

This part of Rhodes is great for outdoor adventure. Explore the hiking trails, walk through dense forests and admire the wild orchids, some that are endemic and grow only on the island.

Worthy of note are the different religious sites such as the Tharri Monastery of Archangel Michael, built in the 10th century and adorned with superb murals. For some healing magic head to the Monastery of Panagia Ypseni, known to heal the sick. A byzantine church just 7 km away is the 10th century church in the village of Asklipio, along with a folklore museum. Lastly, in Gennadi itself, there’s a church from the 8th century with unique murals, an old olive mill, and a traditional Rhodian house that are all open to visitors.

If you’re the seaside type, embrace sailing and kite surfing on Prasonisi, an islet on the south side of Rhodes. Note that the south side of the island has been designated as a Natura 2000 area where protected sea turtles give birth. Head to the northern shores if you like to go diving.

Kids will also find lots to do here. Not far away is a lovely animal farm with well-treated donkeys, perfect for day tours and picnics. Inland there are two estates for horseback riding. Children will also enjoy the mini golf, just a 15-minute ride away by car from Gennadi and the Panorama Hotel.

Noteworthy are the religious celebrations (lots of street food and local dances) that take place in the region’s villages during July and August. Do visit traditional villages such as Siana (great local products and embroidered lace) and Empona (vineyard capital of Rhodes with local wine producers, estates and good cuisine).

Lindos is very busy in Summer but warrants a visit for its gorgeous castle, while the lesser-known area of Apolakia with its lake and dam makes for a great excursion.

If you’re the creative type, there’s a traditional ceramics workshop run by a friendly couple from Rhodes which produces amazing clay items inspired by local tradition. Do visit the olive mill and its museum in the area as well. Ask Lena for details!

Green practices

Lena and Yves have espoused a green philosophy in running their hotel. Under a Red Cross initiative, they collect plastic caps from bottles to support buying wheelchairs for the physically challenged. They buy Greek soaps and recycle used soaps through another social program.

The property has been retrofitted with LED lighting and solar water heating panels, while the outdoors focus on local Mediterranean plants and flowers. Eco-friendly detergents, eco-friendly paints on walls, shades to reduce summer temperatures naturally, insulated roofs, recycling, composting and trash cleaning initiatives are also parts of Panorama Hotel’s green practices.

Lastly, the couple recommends eco-friendly activities to guests such as biking, diving, and diving, as well as visits to a farm which has saved animals from exploitation (donkeys used for mass tourism) and that prioritizes animal welfare. Bravo for all these efforts!

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Panorama Gennadi Hotel
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