About Archaeology in Ios

In Hora, parts of the defensive walls, an ancient building, the street to the harbour and the temple of Apollo are still visible today. The temple of Apollo was located where the church of Agia Ekaterini now is. The market of the ancient city lay between Agia Ekaterini and in the church of Agioi Anargyroi. Rich discoveries from the prehistoric until the roman years are found in the Archaeological Museum of Hora as well.

The archaeological site of Palaiokastro (or Paleokastro) on the Eastern part of the island features the remains of a Venetian castle from the 10th century, as well as the much more recent church of Panagia Paliokastritissa. While much of the rocks have fallen into the sea, many still stand and reveal a glimpse of this island’s past, when such edifices protected the inhabitants from pirates. The site is a 15-minute walk from Psathi.

On the northern tip of the island above the beach of Plakato lies Pano Kambos, the alleged site of Homer’s Tomb, near the village of Vouni. The poet is said to be buried there, although the original site may have slipped due to earthquakes and the tomb’s remain seem to be more Byzantine. Nonetheless, it is worth visiting, particularly since each year on May 15 the island’s inhabitants hold a festival called Homeria, brining a flame from the port to Homer’s last resting place.

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