Maestralia, Skyros

Maestralia, Skyros

If you’ve always wanted your little family home on an unspoiled Greek island, you’re going to love Maestralia. These five 2-floor residences in classical island style are all you need to live the island life, just a leisurely walk from the town and beach.

Skyros is a very special island, one of the very authentic ones in Greece. It is not known for mass tourism, which makes it ideal to discover island life. And no better place to do this than from your own little place at Maestralia for a week or two – perfect for a family of 4 or 5 but also for romantic couples.

Built with love by brother and sister, Vasilis and Maro, the apartments are a great blend of traditional values with modern comforts. The décor reflects this eclectic mix as well, with lots of natural island white and wood, just a few minutes away from the sandy beach of Molos. The 2ndfloor balconies even have a view to the beach, while the gardens in the back are highly recommended for breakfast al fresco.

It’s also admirable that the friendly family has a green philosophy in everything, from adopting green practices to recommending eco-friendly activities such as hiking and surfing. The property is also a Green Partner with TripAdvisor’s Greenleaders initiative, one of the first in Greece!

Heavenly flavors

Get ready for a welcome basket with breakfast goodies that will make your outdoor breakfast table a gourmet delight. You’ll also find top-grade delicious thyme honey which Skyros is famous for, as well as amazing jams and homemade savory pitas. The guesthouse works with a fine local beekeeper that produces honey from heather, thyme and pine (you can buy them on the property).

You must also visit Manolia, the nearby ‘taverna’ restaurant which offers delicious local food such as fresh salads, Skyrian cheese pie (Teroptari), lamb in the oven with wine and potatoes, rooster in wine sauce, chicken fricassee, and tasty meatballs. Local cheeses such as Xinotiri and rare dishes such as wild goat add to this culinary experience. Try the ‘homemade’ liqueur (Arbaroriza) prepared with rose geranium and the locally made wine, as well as a variety of desserts. For the more energetic visitors and for even more choice, take the steps up to the main town and discover its handful of little eateries and dessert bakeries that will also delight you with their freshness.

Skyrian nature and wildlife

The natural beauty of Skyros must really be seen rather than described. It is worth noting that the hotel is near Gyrismata Beach which has the perfect winds for windsurfing and kite-surfing (for those who come by car on the boat with their equipment). The island will also captivate you with its greenery, but also with its rocky landscape, rare Skyrian horses, archeological remains, dozens of little churches and lots of wildflowers. Luckily, you’ll get to see all of it because Maestralia organizes hiking and climbing tours all over the island in a way that only a local can show you. Talk to Maro about the options and let her organize something exciting, in line with your preferences and abilities. This is one trip to Greece you’ll never forget.

A very green philosophy

It is a special honor for us at to feature hotels with a strong eco philosophy. The Maestralia has a recycling policy for all waste and a sheet and towel reuse policy. It has also integrated double-glazed windows and heat pump to regulate energy, solar water heaters, low-energy lighting, and water restrictors to save on water. Environmentally friendly detergents and pest control practices complete the initiative.



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Maestralia, Skyros
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Molos , Xiropigado, Skyros 340 07

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