Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn

What a fantastic initiative that the people of Crossroads Inn have taken! They’ve transformed abandoned houses of a forgotten village on Tinos Island into an eco-paradise. Meticulous restoration of old buildings and relaxing Cycladic décor have created a gem of a property that has breathed life into the village of Tripotamos, surrounded by hiking paths and natural beauty.

We have to raise our glass to Ourania Diamantopoulou, the owner and architect of the Crossroads who has put her heart and soul into creating the Crossroads Inn, which was awarded three years in a row as the Best Traditional Guesthouse (Gold Award) by the Greek Tourism Awards. From displaying her personal art collection and creating a delicious breakfast menu to integrating green practices and offering eco-friendly activities, Mrs. Diamantopoulou has contributed to a model vision in tourism that all Greek islands and villages can adopt. These seven traditional living quarters that make up the Crossroads Inn will also entice you with Zen-like simplicity, Coco-Mat natural bedding, completely natural toiletries and high-tech gizmos including espresso machine, sound system and free WiFi!

A delicious experience awaits

Tinos is known for its delicious healthy food, and the Crossroads Inn is no exception to this tradition. Your palate will be delighted by a truly local breakfast that features village eggs, traditional Tinos “graviera” cheese, organic-fed free-range meat, fruit and vegetables from local growers, homemade jams, and fresh baked goodies. A network of local ladies and growers lie behind this mouthwatering breakfast menu, giving a boost to the local economy. You might come across some flavors, aromas and ingredients that will enrich your experience, such as sundried tomatoes, wild-grown capers, smoked pork ham. On the sweeter side you’ll come across home-baked cookies, local honey and soft Tinos nougat, to be washed down with good Greek coffee or a local liqueur.

Nearby, the family vineyard spread over two acres of land boasts 6,000 grape vines grow on a terraced hill to produce delightfully local wine called X-bourgo. The vineyard is a place to visit so you can discover how this precious elixir slowly comes into being, with all the pampering that goes into the process.

Hiking, rock climbing and more

We love the fact that the Crossroads Inn (so named because it’s right in the middle of the island with access to many corners) has a hiking team that can take you to magnificent spots on the island, from verdant mountain slopes to hidden sea coves. They will also show you attractions from Exombourgo’s (Tinos’ capital) medieval castle and famed pigeon towers to idyllic streams and age-old oak trees.

There’s also a rock-climbing club in Tinos (Climb Exombourgo) that has rock-climbing groups for both beginners and adults. The team of professional rock climbers has embraced this passion and can show you a very special side of this exhilarating sport, just minutes away from the property on Exombourgo mountain. Lastly, it is also worth noting that there are diving clubs on the island, and your hosts would be more than happy to help.

Green Philosophy

Revitalizing these old homes and transforming them into something beautiful while safeguarding all their traditional elements and the whole village aura is a commendable example of sustainability. Add to this solar panels, the wisdom of bioclimatic architecture, ceiling fans instead of air conditioning, under-floor heating for colder days in early spring and late autumn, eco-friendly building materials, and energy conservation, and you’ve got yourself an excellent example of a green hotel property. The owners consciously decided against a swimming pool as to them it conflicts with the island’s lack of water. In addition, the organic soaps, natural toiletries prepared by their pharmacist, natural Kalymnos sponges, Coco-Mat bedding, traditional breakfast from local suppliers, and offering hiking trips all add to this property’s green profile.



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Crossroads Inn
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Tripotamos, Tinos, Cyclades 84200, Greece


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