Vikos Gorge

For hundreds of years, the inhabitants of the Zagori region have used the long list of plant species which can only be found in the gorge as medicinal remedies for everything from headaches to infertility.

The entire gorge is part of the Vikos-Aoos National Park and is therefore protected under an EU mandate to limit the amount of human contact within the area. Throughout the gorge you can find over 700 plant species, of which several are only found in the gorge. Aside from the various types of stone which can be seen along the cross section of the gorge’s walls, several types of trees such as pine, fir, juniper, beech and oak can be seen throughout the park area.

Pixabay – Biedermann

The Voidomatis River runs through the gorge seasonally and occupies the lowest section year-round. Hiking the gorge is arguably one of the most memorable experiences the region has to offer, with the option of starting from either of the gorge’s sides. The route takes approximately 6 hours to complete. For those who prefer to experience the gorge without the effort, the viewpoints at Vikos and Oxia offer breathtaking views to the gorge below.


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