Wine Tour / The Vineyards of Central Evia (3 Wineries)

1 day
Central Evia, Greece

Central Evia is well renowned for it’s vineyards. The places called Ampelia, Mytikas & Ritsona are home to numerous wine producers with many awards worldwide. The Lilantion fields are known for their fertile grounds which have been used the past 20-30 years for extracting clay type of soil to provide major brick manufactures with raw material. Many vineyards have been here for more than a hundred years but more & more producers have been emerging as people realise the quality of these fertile lands.

Our quest will take us to three of the most respectable and quality wine producers of the area. One of the best season to visit the vineyards is August-September where harvesting and winemaking takes place, but all year round is just as exceptional. Many events are held in September, such as wine-pressing and food events, but also May hosts Open Day Weekend where major celebrations happen.


  • This tour runs with a minimum of 3 participants.
  • Daily pickup from your hotel at 9:00. Tour starts at 10:00
  • Price per Person: 60 euro

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Price: From €60

Lefkandi, Steni, Chalkis, Eretria