Trekking / Dragon-houses of Styra

3,5-4 hours
Styra 340 15, Greece

South of Evia is considered as the “Land of the Giants”. When in or near Styra, you must take this tour. Three wonderful Dragonhouses, in a “Π” shape form a nice settlement just among the trees. The Dragonhouses of Styra are the best preserved and consist of three farmhouse type buildings, dating from Classical to Hellenistic times.

The Dragonhouses “Drakospita” are megalithic sacred buildings in southern Evia, dating back to classical (7th c. BC. – aprox. 650BC.) and the early Hellenistic period. They are close to Styra, Karystos, and the top of Ochi.

Leaving the Dragon-houses, we follow the ridge towards the Acropolis of Styra. Staggering views of Styra and the Evian gulf will just blow your mind. Ancients quarries indicate former mining activity, while colossal ancient walls and the huge monolith gate “the emblem of the municipality of Styra” are exactly what we came for.


  • Total length: 5 km
  • Total Elevation Gain/loss: 320 m / 320 m
  • Duration walking: 3,5-4 hours
  • Activity level B: Moderate
  • Pickup from your hotel, in Chalkis or Eretria
  • Optional meal at local restaurant below large plain trees
  • This tour runs with a minimum of 2 participants

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Price: From €60

Available from April to November