To Nisi Restaurant

Agios Nikolaos, Zakynthos 290 91, Greece

In the northern corner of Zakynthos, one of Greece’s most popular islands, lies an exceptional restaurant that not only offers homemade flavors and local dishes in a gorgeous seaside ambiance, but also happens to be a pioneer in green restaurants in the country.

Anastasia Giannopoulou moved from Athens to her husband’s island to establish her dream restaurant, and the results are stunning. With a farm-to-fork philosophy in mind, Anastasia first designed a space modelled after the garden of her family’s village. She then designed her restaurant menu using farm-to-fork principles and featuring as many local ingredients as possible!

This includes Zakynthos’ outstanding extra virgin olive oil, island-grown fruits and vegetables, village bread baked in a wooden oven, the island’s famed Ladotiri cheese infused with olive oil and the more local gourmet Pretza cream cheese, which is a mix of Greek yoghurt and local feta, tempered with fresh lemon juice, extra-virgin olive oil and thyme.

Zakynthos, once under Venetian rule, is one of the Ionian Islands which also face Italy. This means the cuisine not only features Greek Mediterranean ingredients but also boasts refined Italian influences, so be ready to see more arugula, cherry tomatoes, fresh garlic and balsamic vinegar among others, at the restaurant’s table.

Highly recommended delicacies…

Just to whet your appetite with some ideas, and since you’ll be eating close to a little fishing port, we highly suggest the spaghetti with shrimps, grilled sea bass or grilled lobster on a bed of greens. You must try the house salad, known as “To Nisi” or “The Island” in English, so you can dig into a mouthwatering combination of lettuce, feta cheese balls, dill, tomato, pine nuts, croutons and more.

Another highly recommended salad, named after the nearby “Blue Caves”, offers a refreshing mix of lettuce, ham, tomatoes, cucumber, yellow cheese, local eggs and a special house dressing. It is also worth noting the many vegetarian and vegan dishes on offer, as well as gluten-free dishes, so feel free to ask what’s there on the menu that matches your dietary fancy.

Green philosophy

We’re very proud to put To Nisi as one of the first green restaurants on our site, as it has a commendable list of green practices, including:

  • Focus on local producers (olive oil, wine, cheese, country bread, honey, fruits, vegetables)
  • Green electricity provider (certificate for electricity from renewable energy sources)
  • No single-use plastics
  • Minimizing waste and leftover food given to nearby farm animals
  • Recycling non-food waste as much as possible
  • Wine from owners’ vineyard
  • Beer from local microbrewery
  • Focus on local and almost always seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Biological wastewater treatment

Lastly, the owners are active in many local environmental organizations and causes, which also means that some of the proceeds from the restaurant actually go into helping the local community.

Contact info

Phone number: +30 2695 032042, 697 237 5867

Opening Hours: 11:00-23:00, Everyday

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