The oracle of Delphi and gorgeous Arachova village

Delphi 330 54, Greece

If you’re in Athens and can spare a day, historical Delphi, known in ancient times as the navel of the world, is set in gorgeous nature and has an almost spiritual aura that might just reveal your queries or make wishes come true. Its small museum is also a great attraction that unveils more history about this important site. Right before Delphi is the village of Arachova, a gorgeous village in itself and a springboard in winter to the Parnassos ski resort. For the more adventurous, you can extend the tour to go to other attractions such as the site where the battle of Thermopylae played out, or the two very different local seaside towns of Itea and Galaxidi, with their different charms. These nine tours offer different takes and different budgets on the Delphi-Arachova tour, a must-see from Athens.

Choose one of these six handpicked tours to visit Delphi and Arachova from Athens!

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