River Trekking at Neda Canyon

3 hours
Avlonas 270 56, Greece

Neda is a river of the Peloponnese, located at the borders of the prefectures of Ilia and Messinia. It flows from Mount Lykaio, flows to the west and flows into the Ionian Sea, between the coasts of Kyparissia and Zacharo. Its length is 32 km. The river was named after the nymph Neda. The river from antiquity defined the borders of Ilia from Messinia, as Pausanias mentions. Near the banks of the river were the ancient Phiigalia and the temple of Epicureus Apollo in Basses. The river over a large part of it crosses a ravine with very rich vegetation. Along its course, waterfalls are created. The largest is near Figalleia and has a height of about 20 meters.

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