River Trekking at Arini Gorge

3 hours
Kato Arini 270 54, Greece

Arini Gorge, about 3 km long, is located near Spilia, 2 km from Arini. The morphology of the soil is such that Kombori Hill is almost adjacent to the opposite hill of Spilia and the two seem to be tightly encased. From the construction of what nature created, from the old days, probably during the geological period, a deep gorge almost unspoiled, reminding the visitor of the remarkable Samaria Gorge. Through this narrow ravine pass the waters of the River Anigros, which originates from Mount Minthi and flows into the Ionian Sea.

The route was going – come around 3km. Shoes suitable for walking on uneven ground in water and protect the ankle. Water & Snack, at least 2 liters of water, and snacks for the duration of the activity about 3 hours.

Optional mountaineering gear for walking support. Swimsuit because in several places we need to swim to continue our journey. For the canyon, dry clothes, towel and second pair of shoes.

They are also suitable for ages 8 and over

Provided by our partner 

Price: €60