Nature tour in Athens

3 hours
Athens, Greece

This is a great day tour for the ecotourist in the city and any person who loves nature. It will give you a break from the hustle and bustle of Athens and take you to a preserved natural spot that lies just in the center of the city, Lykavittos Hill. The tour will start from Syntagma square and walk up through the posh neighborhood of Kolonaki, home of actors and politicians, reaching a trail that, turn after turn, will take you to the summit of the hill where the little, white church of St. George lies. As you climb the hill, you will admire the glorious vastness of Athens underneath, and will be able to spot its different landmarks, from the Acropolis to the Parliament to Zappeion and the National Garden to Mount Hymettus, and many more. The view is truly breathtaking! You’ll also learn about the Mediterranean flora, which abounds on the slopes of the hill. Among the agaves and cactuses, under cypresses and pine trees, you will recognize crocuses and mountain tea, sage and mint, and goat’s foot flowers, a spectacle for the eye.




Price: €65

Available every Monday Wednesday and Friday