Photo: Tobias Shorr

Milos Volcano and Geotour

7 day Available Days:
Milos, Greece Cyclades

Milos has one of the most interesting volcanoes in Greece and one of the oldest mining areas in human history. The obsidian which naturally occurs from volcanic glass had already brought wealth to the island some 4000-6000 years ago, and even today there are huge mining areas on Milos. The entire island was created by volcanic activity and there are still huge craters and a caldera. The volcanic activity also led to the creation of impressive coastlines and beautiful beaches for swimming. The colours of the rocks vary from white to black over red, yellow and even green. The nature seems to be almost desert-like from June to September, but within this ecosystem you may come across rare reptiles and birds. This tour will take you on a hike to the ancient town of Milos or along the scenic coast at the north part of Milos with its fjords, like the famous Sarakiniko bay. We’ll be visiting other important areas by jeep and your guide Tobias will show you rare minerals or orchids in spring time.

Photo: Tobias Schorr

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