Photo: Tobias Schorr

Methana & Troezen GeoTour

7 day Available Days:
Methana, Greece

Most tourists who travel to Athens have no idea that in less than two hours they could explore the majestic Saronic Gulf – the part of the Mediterranean Sea near Athens – with its scenic islands such as Aegina, Salamina, Spetses, Poros and Hydra. This part of the Mediterranean is one of the most important historic places in Europe. This is where the battle of Salamis against the Persians took place. In mythology, Theseus, who fought the Minotaur on Crete, lived in the western part of the Saronic Gulf in an enchanting area full of archaeological and mythological significance called Troezen (modern day Troizina, pronounced Trizina). The scenic landscape of the Saronic Gulf is dominated by the volcanic islands Aegina and Poros and the huge Methana peninsula. The fertile volcanic soil attracted the first settlers many thousands of years ago. The new residents developed the first civilization in the area, known as the Mycenaean culture. Hiking on Methana with Tobias will reveal prehistoric sites, ancient fortifications and fascinating geology of the 30 lava domes. Tobias has been living on Methana for more than 10 years and the peninsula is his second home. He will introduce you in the history Troezen land and will revale how the volcanoes had also an impact in local history and myths. In small groups you’ll discover the entire peninsula and enjoy the beautiful nature of Methana. This tour can be combined also with a stay of a few days in Athens.

Photo: Tobias Schorr

  1. Arrival at Athens airport and drive to Methana town. Evening dinner in one of the local “tavernas”.
  2. Drive to a little chapel in the mountains and hike to the highest tops of the peninsula. Descend along the old caldera into its center and then down to Methana.
  3. Tour to the neighbouring island Poros and its modest archaeological museum. Later visit the ancient town of Troezen with its “devil’s gorge”.
  4. Methana is famous for the historic volcano that erupted 270 B.C., and you will get to its crater’s center. Return to a little village and enjoy refreshments at a traditional taverna.
  5. Drive to the northern part of Methana and climb to the top of Prophitis Ilias volcano.
  6. Visit of the Mycenean sanctuary of Methana and head down to a bay with volcanic mofetta (volcanic gases) and a Roman bath.
  7. Enjoy a one-day tour to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus.
  8. Transfer to the airport of Athens (or stay longer stay in Athens).

This tour is organized in spring, late autumn and winter. The group size is about 4-8 people.
This journey includes accommodation in good hotels, half board, transfers, the guide, and any entrance fees to sites.

Price: From €1380

Single room supplement 150€