Ancient history tour, Athens

1 day
Athens, Greece Athens & Nearby Islands

Learn about the ancient monuments and sights as well as the history of ancient Athens and the lives of its inhabitants as you stroll through the most picturesque areas of town. Starting from Syntagma square, this tour will take you to the temple of Olympian Zeus and passing through the quaint neighborhood of Plaka and Anafiotika to the ancient Roman and Greek marketplaces. Admire the library of Hadrian and the majestic Stoa of Attalos, then gaze at the temple of awe-inspiring Theseus, emerging at a distance from a grove of cypresses and olive trees.  Hear about the events and the famed people, philosophers and politicians, that made Athens one of the greatest city of the ancient world. From the Theseion the tour will continue on a pedestrian road where throughout the year the most diverse and talented artists sell their creations, from jewelry to wooden boats to lamps to hand-knitted baby clothes. You name it! And after walking all around the Acropolis you’ll get the chance to see the park of the Pnyx and walk up to the hill of the Muses from to enjoy a breathtaking view of this magnificent city vanishing into the sea.

Note: Your guide will take you to special vantage points where you can see the archeological sites without going in to the premises, ideal for those that want to have a good idea without paying steep entrance fees.



Price: €80

Available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

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