Land Navigation : Courses & Games

2-4 hours
Galatas 180 20, Greece

Orienteering courses are the solid basis for survival skills and team building.
S.T.O.P. – Stop . Think . Observe . Plan .
How to find your way & staying safe in the backcountry by :
Using the map only, orientation via compass, orientation via terrain, orientation by nature, remote navigation, GPS devices.
Courses can be organized like a “game” as well.
The winner is the one who completes the required itinerary – using the map and the compass (provided by In the land of the wolf ) – and has checked the maximum number of points in the minimum time.

Courses also include  :
Navigating through the wild – movement tactics, group movement, communication & interaction (between the group and a rescue team).

Maximum : 4 persons

Duration : 2-4 hours


Provided by our partner 

Price: €30

Price based in minimum of 2 persons