“Inland Methexis” e-bike ride

4 -5 hours
Naxos, Naxos and Lesser Cyclades, Greece

Methexis is an ancient Greek word with an abstract sense, implying the communication between the perceptual world and the world of ideas. It involves mental uplift, contact with the inner self and communication with the outer reality.

This tour will let you get in touch with your deep self as well as with your co-riders, as you enjoy the natural scenery full of scents and myths.

One of the most atmospheric villages of Naxos, Halki, considered the “capital” of Northern Naxos, will be our first main stop. Before that we’ll pass by the Byzantine church of Agios Mamas (Saint Mamas), considered the protector of shepherds to admire its interesting architecture and surrounding area.

A “Back To The Roots” farm, located in Halki, is next. The farm lends insights into the memories of every Greek child who grew up in the countryside. Feeding the donkeys, sheep and geese, and giving them water from the well in an atmosphere of complete tranquility, will bring out your inner child too. Why not try some your hand at some archery as well?

Our last stop is the Saint Anna Winery in the village of Potamia for a wine-tasting session. Local wine, produced and bottled in Naxos, will be paired with Naxian olive oil, cheese, tomatoes and olives. You’ll love this small yet also “grand” vineyard with a chapel, complete with an old circular threshing floor for grains and of course a great atmosphere.


Provided by our partner Aurelia e-assist Bikes

Adults: €145
Children: €110

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