Traditional Pie

Hands-on cooking in Corfu! A 5-course meal

4 to 5½ hours
Karoumpatika,Kerkira 491 00, Greece

Visit a traditional vineyard and prepare a hands-on delicious five-course meal onsite based on traditional recipes and techniques, under our expert guidance. Sample a variety of gourmet products and ingredients, all based on traditional recipes and techniques, using fresh, local ingredients.

The experience begins with a welcome herbal tea, soft drink or chilled red wine with citrus fruits, followed by a short presentation on the history of the property and vineyard. You’ll also learn about traditional olive-oil production and winemaking, thanks to a short entertaining video, as will as chat about the different dishes at different stages of cooking.

Discover the range of natural products under the Acordo brand, accompanied by the local liqueur (Tsipouro) or some good wine from the Ambelonas estate itself. The tasting will boast gourmet ingredients such as include local olives, spicy sundried tomato paste, goat cheese, Corfiot salami (salado) and noumboulo (fumicado), fig bites and fig chutney, local sweet fruit mustard, Jerusalem artichoke salad, and herbed or spicy sea salt, as well as wholegrain or wholewheat bread.

To top it off, you’ll be receiving a copy of chef Vasiliki Karounou’s cookbook in English, as you enjoy the warm hospitality and the gorgeous views of the vineyard in the very heart of the island.




Tzatziki – strained yogurt with cucumber, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and mint

or Melitzanosalata smoked eggplant with yogurt, garlic, parsley and extra

virgin olive oil or Taramosalata – Cod cured roe with onion, lemon juice and

extra virgin olive oil


Homemade wholewheat and multigrain wine bread


Ambelonas’ green salad with walnuts seeds, raisins and a Corfiot sweet fruit

mustard and Citrus fruit vinegar dressing or Nerantzosalata – sweet

orange with hot paprika and extra virgin olive oil or Ambelonas Summer salad

with tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, Corfiot olives, sea fennel (samphire)

and extra virgin olive oil.


Traditional pie with seasonal vegetables and many herbs & spices or Cheese

pie with sesame and honey or Risotto with topinambour (Jerusalem artichoke),

celery, carrot, onion, colorful peppers, turmeric and Greek pecorino cheese


Pork “DOLCE GARBO” slowly cooked in wine and wine vinegar with onion,

rosemary and spices (served with basmati rice) or Beef “SOFRITO” – thin

slices of beef slowly fried and cooked with wine, garlic and parsley (served with

potatoes) or Chicken fillet baked with yogurt, mint and lemon (served with

couscous) or Veal “FRICADO” slowly cooked with white wine, onion, celery, carrots

and spices (served with farfale)


Ambelonas’ spice cake with aromatic syrup served with strained yogurt sauce

and a fruit (in season) sauce or Corfiot pudding with walnuts, raisins and bergamot –

served with apricot jam, chocolate sauce and almonds

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