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Corfu Cooking Demo and 5-course meal

Karoumpatika, Kerkira 491 00, Greece

Emerge yourself in Corfu’s old culinary traditions presented in a modern context, thanks to Ambelonas Corfu, the island’s crossroads for wine, gastronomy and culture. You’ll be welcomed with a refreshingly cold herbal tea or chilled red wine with a hint of fruit, followed by short and informative presentation on the gastronomic heritage of the area. With Corfu being influenced by both Greek and Italian culinary traditions, you’ll be delighted to learn about olive milling, winemaking and cooking based on local ingredients of the land.

The highlight of this experience is the food and wine tasting, which will tease your palate with Corfiot olives, spicy sun-dried tomato paste, excellent goat cheese, Italian-inspired salami and ham, mouthwatering fig chutney and a piccalilli-like sweet fruit mustard. Quality home-breads and some fine Jerusalem artichokes are also on the menu.

Beyond tasting and chatting about the food, you’ll get a copy of owner Vasiliki’s wonderful cookbook and will get to enjoy some of the best landscapes that Corfu offers. While the menu is planned according to availability of ingredients and guest preferences, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a few special treats.

A sample menu could include starters such as Taramosalata (cod roe dip) or Tzatziki (Greece’s famed yogurt garlic cucumber dip) served with red-wine multi-cereal bread and refreshing salads full of local fruits and vegetables, along with main courses that can are guaranteed to please both vegans and carnivores alike. Don’t miss out on the aromatic spice cake or Corfiot walnut-raisin pudding with a bit of apricot jam, bergamot and chocolate for good measure.

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