Canyon of Water Mills

6 hours
Alepochori, Greece

Dry but challenging canyon at Gerania mountains for beginners and experienced canyoners. Suitable for those who want to do a canyoning trip close to Athens.

Distance from Athens – 45 min drive

  • ​Details of the the activity
    • Hiking : 40 – 50 min
    • Number of descents : 14
    • Maximum decsent : 27 m
    • Lenth : 750 m
    • Duration : 5 hours
  • It includes the following:
    • Accompaniment by certified and experienced instructors
    • Providing all the necessary equipment (belt, helmet, backpack)
    • Water, snacks​
  • Requirements: You don’t need previous experience to join the tour, good physical condition and love for nature and sports is all you need.
  • Physical condition: Basic endurance, you have to be able to carry your personal bag with your personal equipment.
  • What you should have with you: A pair of extra shoes, water, snacks and an extra pair of shirt.
  • Equipment: We provide all the safety equipment including helmet, safety belt, canyoning bag.
  • Transport is done with your own vehicle

Extreme Tours as an official certified training and activities center by the ICAN, provides ICAN membership at the end of the activity.

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Price: From €80