Agios Loukas Canyon

4  hours
Xylokastro 204 00, Greece

A beautiful and entertaining canyon with many slides and plunges is situated in Ksilokastro area. This is an easy canyon that suits both beginners as well as demanding and experienced canyoneers.

  • Distance from Athens : 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • It includes the following:
    • Accompaniment by certified and experienced instructors
    • Providing all the necessary equipment (belt, helmet, backpack)
    • Water, snacks
  • Physical fitness levels
    You should have average physical endurance, know how to swim, not be afraid of heights, be able to plunge into the water from 3 metres high and carry a backpack with you personal gear.
  • Duration
    • ​Canyon descent: 3 – 4  hours.
    • Number of descents : 4
    • Highest descent : 9 meters.
    • Natural water slides : 2
    • Hiking: 45’.
    • Suggested starting time: 10:00
    • Estimated time of exit from the canyon : 15.00-16.00
  • Essential gear that you must have with you:
    Extra pair of shoes, shocks and tshirt
    Swimsuit/ trunks and towel
    A pair of slip resistant shoes for walking in water
    1 bottle of mineral water + snacks
  • Transport is done with your own vehicle

Extreme Tours as an official certified training and activities center by the ICAN, provides ICAN membership at the end of the activity.

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Price: From €80