There are at least 300 large and small mountains dotting the Greek landscape, chock full of forests, valleys, traditional villages, fauna and flora that will literally leave you spellbound. The ‘backbone’ of Greece is the Pindus mountain range, running from the Greek-Albanian border over 160 kilometres, all the way down to the Peloponnese. You can […]
This is one of the most exciting and natural ways to explore unspoiled beaches, waterside caves, pristine rivers, secluded bays and charming villages along the way. Milos, Crete, Poros, the Ionian islands, as well as more remote rivers in central and northern Greece that will leave you spellbound. Browse the areas online to get a […]
The hiking paths of centuries ago have been rediscovered. Thanks to ecotourism and an ever-increasing interest from nature lovers, communities across Greece are reviving the sacred hiking paths from village to village, church to mountain and community to community. These paths will take you over summits, beside gorges, down valleys, across forests and through open […]
Sumptuous, original, robust and quite healthy for the most part, Greek cuisine varies from region to region with local specialties and recipes that will leave you begging for more. Historically, the food in the country is naturally quite Mediterranean, as far as recovered recipes from ancient Greece are concerned. Today it is heavily influenced by […]
With a coastline hugging almost all of the country and its islands, diving has never been more spectacular. Clean seas, interesting fauna and flora, underwater historical sites and plenty of shipwrecks will keep you coming back for more. The rule is touch nothing and take nothing except pictures, but be ready experience something otherworldly in […]
Those who cycle know that there’s nothing greater than feeling the elements around you and enjoying the ever-changing scenery by bike. Seaside biking opportunities abound in the country, and there are many bike-friendly towns that even Athenians don’t know about. Also, the hiking paths and old village-to-village routes have now found new use with today’s […]
A hidden world of canyons and gorges await the most fanatic canyoning enthusiast, as well as the more occasional explorer. There are canyons all across the Peloponnese, Crete and mainland Greece that fascinate. Some are wet, others dry. Some have an abundance of fauna and flora, others look like they're in the middle of a desert. Each offers something amazing for adventure seekers. You'll only need the right equipment and resolve to respect the nature around you. We highly recommend you contact any of the specialized organizations in this field for a rewarding experience.
Athens at night is an opportunity to discover another aspect of the city. Once the sun sets, get yourself lost in the bustling streets of the capital and taste the Athenian specialities: gyros, souvlaki, meze, tzatziki, moussaka and more… Continue your evening with a guided bar tour that will save you from the overpriced tourist […]
As you may know, the Cyclades are famous for their clear waters, beaches and sunsets. But you have to break away from clichés to discover that the islands are full of surprises. Archaeological sites, monasteries, museums, local areas untouched by time and more… Go off the beaten track and learn more about the hidden side […]
Full of history, traditions and legends, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, making it a must-see destination. Keeping in mind that tourists sometimes want to get out of the traditional way of visiting museums and historical monuments, this tour selection will allow you to discover Athens from a more entertaining aspect. […]

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