Sail ancient trade routes with Aegean Cargo Sailing

7-11 days
Aegean Sea

Catch the boat from:

Lavrio – Kea – Andros – Skyros – Skopelos – Alonissos – Lemnos – Lesvos – Chios – Ikaria – Samos – Patmos-Kalymnos – Astypalea – Amorgos – Santorini – Paros – Syros – Tinos 

Approach unique Aegean islands, travelling back in time, use the power of the wind and ply nearly forgotten routes, and engage local farms and craftsmen who need to trade their goods within the Aegean. Learn and practice how to handle the vessel, lower sails, weigh anchor, and navigate in daytime and under the stars, alongside expert mariners.

Upon making land, there will be further opportunity to experience the local culture – by loading, unloading and completing deliveries to those who live and work on the island, to taste and inquire as to how local products are made. Enjoy two days on most islands, to explore the fantastic Aegean biodiversity, visit archaeological sites, walk on ancient trails and experience authentic Greek hospitality, far away from mass-produced commercial tourism.

All onshore excursions are guided, and all meals are locally prepared and cooked with organic ingredients. On-board supplies are locally sourced as well.

Making a difference

As much as you will enjoy this unique learning-by-doing experience, you will also make an important difference to others. This project will support entrepreneurs and local farmers and craftsmen, who often deliver tremendous custom-made value in relative obscurity, away from the postcard-curated mass-markets. Additionally, the goods that will travel by sail via Aegean Cargo Sailing will be largely (if not exclusively) organic. Finally, fossil fuels will not be used, making this zero-emission transport (other than as required by law for safe port approaches. We plan to convert to electric propulsion as time and available investment allows).

Aegean Cargo Sailing is the project of the non-profit that harnesses the wind to sail amongst islands transporting local products in the Aegean and the Mediterranean. It is reviving a millennia-old, traditional network of commercial sea-routes, first used by the Phoenicians, the Minoans, the ancient Greeks and more recently by the merchant ship owners “karavokirides” who connected the whole Mediterranean Sea. Its mission is to raise awareness about protecting the marine environment and to promote fair, ecological trade.

Being aware that this summer will be very different with new rules in place and taking into account the importance of staying safe, we assure you that we follow all the relevant health regulations and in this sailing round we will travel only with the necessary crew abiding by all protection measures.


  •  Journeys are available until 30th of August 2020, subject to moderate one to three day delays due to unfavorable weather.
  • sailing experience is not required;
  • the journey is limited to no more than four passengers (in a vessel designed for a total of ten);
  • products to be transported are honey, wine, olive oil, soap, dried fruits, aromatic plants, cheese, mastiha, fish (dried, cured, etc.), fruit jams, natural sponges and the like;
  • the voyage includes 18 islands, passengers may participate in part or all of the voyage; and
  • travel insurance is highly recommended


Cost includes sailing, accommodation on board, meals on board and/or at the producers’ facilities, guided island tours, life jackets and bedding (no towels).


Value added tax (24%) is not included, nor are transfers to/from the points of embarkation/disembarkation.

Price: From €1450