Extreme Tours

Giorgos, who just loves canyons and river treks, established Extreme Tours to live his passion and transmit it to others. Being a certified canyoning trainer from ICAN, he has a special gift of putting people at ease and taking them on a daring adventure that’s nonetheless conducted in a totally safe and secure environment.

Still, your adrenaline will rise, and so will your appreciation of the superb nature that these canyons and rivers have to offer. These tours are ideal even if you’re someone afraid of heights and feel like conquering your phobias. “Safety is a priority for any kind of activity” insists Giorgos. “Only in this way will the visitor discover the hidden beauties of Greece,” he adds.


Giorgos is very aware of the beauty of nature and takes utmost care not to leave an environmental footprint. Regulations are in place for littering (in fact many activities involve removing litter), as well as taking care not to harm ecosystems and habitats. He’ll also show you the magic of every place and involve you in local mythology and history along the way, contributing to strengthening these canyons as protected treasures that are ideal for ecotourism. We’re proud of his environmental efforts and that he’s part of the Ecotourism Greece family!

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Contact us: nature (at) ecotourism-greece.com