Saronic Outdoor Activities

Founded and run by a friendly and super athletic husband-and-wife couple, Saronic Outdoor Activities is your ticket to embarking on some fantastic outdoor activities in Poros such as hiking, biking, kayaking and stand-up paddling (SUP). Spyros and Katerina will show you the hidden side of Poros, complete with insiders’ tips.

Green Philosophy

We’re very happy that the team at Saronic Outdoor Activities has an eco-friendly philosophy and aims to leave the environment in a better shape than how it found it. For example, kayakers generally volunteer to Spyros and Katerina in removing plastic waste from the Saronic Gulf if they come across it. In addition, the company launched the Leave Your Green Mark project, which lets hikers plant a pine or cypress tree on their hiking adventure. Most hikers love to contribute to the environment in this way. The team visits these trees often to water them and make sure they stay healthy.

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