Santorini Experts

Kathrin, Markos and the rest of the “Santorini Experts” share their love of the island through their engaging, laid-back and informative eco tours around the island. Originally German, Kathrin studied hospitality management and later fell in love with Santorini, married a Greek and has been living on the island with her husband and three children for many years. Her business partner, Markos, is a German Greek who left his shipbroking career to teach German in Santorini. His love for the island and its nature brought him to team up with Kathrin and the rest in order to share their special appreciation of the island.

Culture, history, winemaking, local cuisine, geology and nature all weave themselves into these tours, creating a sense of wanderlust in one of the world’s most impressive islands. We believe that Santorini must be visited in a more sustainable manner, and Santorini Experts are the people to deliver on this promise.

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