Pyrgos House

Frank, the owner of Pyrgos House, a delightful little hotel on the island of Kythira, is proud to show people around his adopted island through a number of nature-based activities. Walking is his passion and he has already published a walking guide (with many updated editions) about hiking on the island, keeping in mind that there are also canyoning opportunities on Kythira. Through these walks, he will unveil the best of the island and its biodiversity, offering along the way a myriad of local activities to embrace true island life. From olive picking and soap-making to walking excursions and culinary workshops with locals, you’ll experience a traditional and super hearlthy Mediterranean lifestyle that almost still remains unchanged over the centuries. Pyrgos House also offers Sea Kayaking on Kythira so that you can also enjoy the gorgeous beaches in an eco-friendly way.

Last but not least, we’re very happy that Frank and his team have adopted a very eco-friendly approach to their activities, as they apply their Dutch values for environment and ecology. Taking care to respect local ecosystems and reducing waste as much as possible are two golden rules that are strictly applied during all these activities.

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