Mountain Escapes

Mountain Escapes is a canyoning pioneer in Greece. It was the first canyoning activity provider to be certified by the International Organization for Canyoning (ICOpro), and it boasts an educational center in the mountain village of Tsagarada, in Pelion, in mainland Greece. Those who operate Mountain Escapes have a special connection to the land and environment, taking care to respect every river and natural rock pool to every trail and forest that they cross. The friendly, down to earth team will take you on an adventure of a lifetime and open you to the pleasures of canyoning, an activity that feeds not only the body, but the mind and soul.

The canyons of Pelion are unique in terms of vegetation, their outlet to gorgeous beaches, and the mythology connected with them (centaurs, half man and half beast, were reputed to roam these canyons). It is worth noting that safety is a key concern of Mountain Escapes, as it stresses that “Instructors are selected for their maturity, judgment, teaching experience and outdoor skills”, as well as for their people skills and eco-friendliness.

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