Member of Ecotourism-greece


The Ecotourism-Greece Member logo demonstrates that the property has made two specific promises: to offer ecotourism-related activities that minimize environmental impact, and to adopt as much as possible green practices that protect the environment. These properties respect and embrace local nature, culture, gastronomy, traditions and more personalized hospitality in an effort to advance the local economy and sustainable tourism.

We make sure that every property which displays our logo adheres to our principles and philosophy, inspired by our membership in the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). The Ecotourism-Greece membership program was the designed by our expert in sustainable tourism who is a Swiss hospitality graduate and has also earned the Certificate in Sustainable Tourism under the requirements of the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program. Based in Athens, Greece, our parent company Medventure has been working and consulting in sustainable tourism for over 10 years.



The Ecotourism-Greece Member logo demonstrates that the activity provider or tour operator has developed or is developing an environmental policy, in addition to offering as much as possible tours and trips that are eco-friendly and that minimize the carbon footprint compared to other similar activities. Activities that generally do not pollute (hiking, biking, climbing, diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, skiing, SUP, kayaking, canoeing, paragliding, swimming, running) along with activities that encourage local heritage and tradition (cooking, wine tours, cultural walking tours, pottery making, arts and crafts) must represent at least 80% the organization’s activities. These partners must respect nature (including the collection of refuse during outdoor activities where possible) in addition to raising awareness about environment and biodiversity in their regions and during their activities where applicable.

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