Mama’s Flavours

In rural Greece, the village moms are known for preparing mouthwatering home-cooked food, based on generations-old cooking methods and the freshest ingredients from the countryside. Established in Kalamata, the world’s de-facto capital of premium olive oil, Mama’s Flavours has built its reputation by sharing the best of local Greek cuisine through several fabulous tours and experiences.

In 2014, Maria and her team came together to highlight the best of culinary traditions in the region of Peloponnese. Together, the group of friends and colleagues built wonderful tours around the culinary expertise that virtually every Greek mother possesses. They combined this with agritourism activities, local products and the freshest of ingredients that their sunny, fertile part of Greece is known for.

Guests get to pick ripe fruit and fresh vegetables from the garden, feel the magic of freshly cut herbs from nearby mountains, collect eggs and milk from free-range animals that are well cared for, talk to local beekeepers, and of course chat with Greek moms.They participate to unique Cooking classes, they visit local olive oil mills and enjoy olive oil tastings, see beautiful traditional wineries and participate in exciting wine tastings, taste homemade delicacies from small workshops, visit Greek villages and immerse themselves in the Greek gastronomy and culture within their interaction with the locals and Greek mums!

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