Magic Bus eco tours and transfers

“Magic Bus #stinpriza tours” is Athens’ first travel and tour agency providing high-end green transport in Athens and its suburbs using 100% electric professional minivans with 0% carbon footprint and 0% sound pollution!

The company offers a holistic environmentally friendly experience for guests, not just by using electric vehicles but also replacing plastic water bottles with eco-friendly alternatives. They have developed a green reward system to encourage visitors to participate in protecting the environment.

Needless to say, there’s also strong focus on health and safety of guests in the pandemic era.

The company’s Vision

“Tourism business is a sector that changes rapidly and only by adapting to these changes can we offer to our guests the best possible services, alongside a sustainable travelling environment.

The whole world has seen the effects of climate change on human population, wildlife and landscape. Furthermore, most of our respected, well informed and well-travelled guests have realized the environmental impact of the conventional vehicles.

Improved climate services in tourism industry will be vital for the years to come, both for travelers and destinations. Keeping that in mind, we feel, now more than ever, that is our duty to protect our home, our planet. This thought, led us to the foundation of this brand new service in electric moving, which could be the way forward for our eco-conscious societies.

Our intention is to prove that ecological and sustainable initiatives in tourism industry could also result in profitable and successful business moves. By achieving the financial viability of these initiatives, we could ensure a long term offering to the environment and the society.

The company’s Aim

“one green cent for every green kilometer”

The company is offering back to the nature as much as it can and “to leave this place better than we found it.” Not only does minimize the environmental impact of its tourism services but goes a step further to create a climate positive change by offsetting more CO2 than it is emitting. Magic Bus counts the kilometers that it covers with its electric vehicles every year, turns them into cash or “green cents”, and plants trees in the surroundings of Athens.

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