Karaiskos Farm

When farm and kitchen meet, you know you’re going to eat well! Karaiskos Farm is a gem in Pelion, one of the most authentic and unspoiled spots in Mainland Greece. The food is of high quality as Pelion attracts well-to-do Greek families as well as nature lovers who are after the finer things in life. Local recipes and ingredients will ensure this is a culinary experience of a lifetime. There are different cooking lessons to choose from, and a great vegetarian option for those who avoid meat.

Visitors to Pelion would do well to visit the farm to learn about local cooking and enjoy farm-to-fork dishes which, beyond the mouthwatering flavors, have a much lower impact on the environment than most restaurants. A lucky few can also book and stay at the farmhouse itself!

Green philosophy

Karaiskos Farm is an excellent example of local sustainability. Its gastronomic offering is based on products mostly from the farm itself with a strong farm-to-table concept! Some ingredients coming from local suppliers, which also helps support the local economy.

There is a conscious effort to shy away from plastic and use eco-friendly materials wherever possible, as well as to separate and recycle waste. You won’t see any food go to waste on the farm, as whatever leftovers remain are given to the animals. The farm boasts an important educational component through its cooking lessons that highlight local cuisine, in addition to information about local fauna, flora and ecosystems.

In terms of community support, every September Karaiskos Farm organizes the Gastronomic Festival of Pelion on its premises, complete with local products for sale, talks on the region’s cuisine and delicious tastings. Lastly, the owners of the farm promote eco-friendly activities in the area and own the Kritsa Hotel, one of the most charming historic hotels in the heart of Pelion’s main town, Portaria.

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