In the Land of the Wolf

Yannis is an enthusiast of outdoor activities and nature lover. He is the founder and owner of the
innovative horse farm “In The Land Of The Wolf” where great things happen when man and horse meet! (no horse riding practice).

In addition to his love for horses, Yannis is an avid hiker, trekker, climber, mountain biker, river explorer
and freelance emergency responder, which means you’re always in safe hands. Hiking with Yannis you’ll discover a beautifully wild part of Peloponnese, just two hours from Athens by
car or boat.

This region is a short distance from the charming traditional island of Poros and offers an amazing
variety of challenges with its extremely strong, pure landscapes and seascapes, like the Methana
Volcano, the relatively unknown ruins of Ancient Troezen with the ancient medieval castle and the gorge
of Devil’s Bridge.

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