Gnosis Active Holidays

Gnosis Active Travel reflects one of its main pillars through its name: Gnosis means knowledge and awareness in Greek, while the Active part refers to both physical activity and to being active regarding environmental and social issues. The company was founded in 2012 by Yorgos Tsabourakis, a professional cultural guide with over 40 years of experience in alternative tourism, and his daughter Elpida, a skilled agronomist/environmentalist devoted to ecofriendly, sustainable agriculture.

Today the company offers nature, culture and adventure travel experiences in a very responsible manner. It designs and organizes guided or self-guided tours that allow our guests to discover the essence of Greece. Nature, culture, outdoor activities, local tradition and fun all come together in these trips, where even a meal can become a cultural feast. Ecology, rural life, local cuisine, history, art, myth and legend are all weaved in as well.

Gnosis Active Travel avoids large hotel complexes, tourist crowds and overdeveloped areas. “We know the last few untouched destinations and the best season to visit them, we choose small, locally-owned accommodation and as possible eco-friendly transport” says Elpida. “We operate in a responsible manner towards people and the environment, incorporating the principles of sustainable development.”

Αctivities include hiking, cycling, agro-tours and eco-tours, as well as trekking holidays, self-drive road trips and stays in enchanting local accommodation offering activities such as rafting, kayaking, birdwatching, etc. Educational and themed tours (history, archeology, agriculture, ecology, geology, mythology, wildflowers, local flora and fauna etc.) are also part of most trips. All tours were designed by experts in the field.

Responsible Travel Policy

  • Eco-/agro-tourism character to most or all offerings
  • Guided tours cover local culture and ecosystems, indigenous flora, local society (e.g. agriculture, fishing, apiculture etc.)
  • Visits to local manufacturers (e.g. pottery workshops) and producers (wineries, olive presses etc.)
  • Self-guided tours also offer info on biodiversity, culture, local livelihood and related places to visit
  • Trips combine culture, nature, physical activity, interesting local destinations and good family hotels
  • Cultural elements weaved through food & drink, history, art, music, local communities and people of each place, reflecting a very authentic side of Greece

Economic responsibility and local sustainability

  • Embracing the Greek family-run business model
  • Working with local people.
  • Using small, mainly family-run accommodation and restaurants, and local transportation.
  • Avoiding all-inclusive and large hotel complexes
  •  Food shopping for picnics from small local stores, not large supermarkets
  •  Renting vehicles from local companies and mainly small family-run bus companies
  •  Using small local ferry companies for sea transport
  •  Visiting local farms and manufacturers so the travelers can buy local products and gifts if they want
  • Providing travelers on self-guided tours detailed guidelines for visiting local producers, etc.
  •  Encouraging travelers to chose local over imported

Environmental responsibility

  •  Operating as an online agency and minimizing energy/equipment, fuel, natural resources
  • Designing tours and activities to be environmentally friendly
  • Informing travelers about local ecosystems, indigenous flora and fauna (plus an “only take photos” approach)
  •  Preferring public transportation and minimizing transport emissions where possible
  • Avoiding single-use items for picnics and on tours
  • Encouraging travelers to join in cleaning up picnic area, including trash pickup and recycling near beaches, woods, meadows, etc.

Social responsibility

  • Helping local people to promote and sell their products through visits to local farms and producers
  • Choosing local specialties and traditional products for meals to familiarize travelers with local cuisine
  • Working closely with local people on different levels
  • Ensuring the welfare of guides and tour leaders (proper employment contracts and remuneration)
  • Participating occasionally in the maintenance and marking of hiking trail

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