Explore Thirasia

Explore Thirasia was founded by Yannis Daskalakis who not only is passionate about cycling but also has a deep respect and love for nature. He fell in love with Thirasia, the remote island right off Santorini because it has unspoiled nature and offers a window into the Cycladic past, before tourism development took over this group of islands. Yannis is particularly happy that there are very few cars on the island, making ideal for hiking and biking.

Yannis also espouses and eco-friendly philosophy that involves immersing his clients in the local life and culture of this little island, peppering this with local delicacies prepared by the locals themselves from the purest ingredients. By offering eco-friendly tours on Thirasia, Yannis hopes to preserve this forgotten island yet still make it economically viable in a sustainable manner. At Ecotourism Greece we’re very happy that Thirasia has its guardian angels when it comes to responsible tourism and proud to have Explore Thirasia as one of our members.

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Contact us: nature (at) ecotourism-greece.com