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It is often that we meet Greeks who were born or have lived abroad for a big part of their lives, and who have come back to their homeland with forward-thinking ideas in terms of sustainability and ecology. One of these pioneering individuals is Rebecca Skevaki, originally from Sfakia, Crete, who has embraced a very holistic philosophy in promoting a responsible model of tourism on this popular island.

Along with her Greek husband, Michalis, Rebecca has dedicated herself to showcasing Greece’s largest island as “a land of amazing beauty and diversity, rich with splendid beaches, ancient treasures, modern cities but also traditional villages, high mountains, deep gorges, and a unique culture.”

The couple established a highly experienced team within the Urban Adventures family to unveil not only the Crete’s well-known landmarks but also back alleys and hiking paths, with a focus on off-the-beaten-track locations. Best of all, the tours espouse an admirable set of sustainable practices which we have listed below, as is, in their very own words.


  • We ensure that 100% of products and ingredients that we use are local, Greek, organic, or labelled Protected designation of origin (PDO) or Protected geographical indication (PGI)
  • We are 100% committed to creating a positive impact whenever and wherever we travel, whether that’s by showing you how to go plastic-free in our destinations, or how to make sure your tourism dollars go where they’re needed most. We believe that every time we travel, we can support communities. And we can do that together, globally.
  • Every tour has a story to tell. Not just the story of the city, but the story of the people who call it home. That’s why, on our tours, you won’t just see the sites from behind a bus window. We’re about stepping into the community, and understanding how we, as guests, can better connect with a place and its people. We’re about tasting, touching and smelling the city, about hearing the tales straight from the people who live there. And about seeing the world in a whole new way.
  • On our tours you’ll go to local restaurants, visit local shops and explore the city with local guides. Simply by doing this, you’re helping to bring more employment and business opportunities to locals in every community we visit.
  • Local sourcing is a principle across all our tour. We use locally owned infrastructure and work with locally owned businesses to make sure the money you spend on travel is injected back into the local economy, and that profits from tourism go into local hands. For example, our food tours are designed to promote local dishes and local ingredients, with market-to-table experiences, cooking workshops and discussions about food and culture. We will also take you to local markets, and to meet farmers and shop owners.
  • Our Made In tours take guests to shop for local handicrafts, boutique clothing brands and handmade organic products, all produced by local artisans. As such, we help you to shop in a sustainable way and buy amazing souvenirs while also supporting local entrepreneurs.
  • We are proud to take the less-travelled routes. When we visit major tourist sites, we offer a twist, so that you can have a more authentic experience of these sites, and and locals in less-travelled communities can benefit from the tourism economy.
  • “Locals know” is our brand promise. We don’t just show you the cultural and natural heritage in our destinations, but also help you to get to know the destination from a local perspective.


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