Efthymios Gkantis always loved Nature, especially water sports. 

He was free-diving from the age of 8, being a skipper in Dingy sailboat racing. As he grew older, he started more hobbies, like  hiking on mountains, canyoning and scuba diving, just to name a few. 

Over the last few years he transformed his outdoor  hobbies into a career. This led him to become, among others, a PADI scuba instructor, First Aid instructor and Lifeguard. 

He has also been an active member at the volunteer non-profit organisation, Aegean Rebreath since 2018 and supports them in all arias related to diving.

In 2019, Efthymios launched his own scuba diving business, Coolexperience, as well as his first-aid service ( He became an IDC staff instructor so he can train professionals and also got certified to conduct equipment service. 

Today, Efthymios is training to become a PADI Tech instructor and an EFR instructor trainer. He has also embraced alternative tourism and ecotourism by organizing daily trips and tours around Athens, along with Team Building events for companies.

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