Aurelia e-assist Bikes

We love it when technology meets ecology, especially in the outdoors! Armed with smart e-bikes that offer you that added push just when you need it, Aurelia Bikes has prepared a trio of “interactive e-bike guided tours” that will unveil the splendor and nature of this island in a healthy way and without missing a breath.

Best of all, this small local business has a very eco-friendly philosophy, thanks to its fleet of electric bikes and vehicles. “We try to the maximum extent possible to move around using electric power only” says business owner Manos. The philosophy is also built around avoiding single-use plastic, encouraging reusable water bottles on the trip, and recycling all waste whenever possible. Equally important, in terms of sustainability the team at Aurelia makes an effort to showcase the best of local culture and traditions, from small wineries and family-run restaurants to country farms and local museums. Kudos to the new generation of emerging green outdoor activity providers, and Aurelia Bikes certainly fits in this category.

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