Atlantis Oia Diving Center

Atlantis Oia Dive Center, a professional and family-run dive centre, is located in Oia, one of the most characteristic and beautiful villages in Santorini. The owners are Apostolos Stylianopoulos and Marta Fortes Vilaltella. Apostolos knows Santorini very well – above and underwater. He is a PADI Master Instructor, the first Cousteau diving instructor in Greece, and a Speedboat captain instructor. Marta is a recreational diver and shares Apostolos’s passion for the sea. Atlantis is a member of PADI, the worldwide trusted Professional Association of Diving Instructors, and scuba diving training organization. It also boasts memberships in SSI, Scuba Schools International and ANDI. This way it can offer a variety of courses, training and educational resources for divers.

Green Philosophy:

Atlantis Dive Centre is one of the few Cousteau Dive Centres in the world, which highlights its commitment to protecting the environment, especially regarding our island. Since 2010, it has been striving together with Pierre-Yves Cousteau to establish a Marine Protected Area on the coast of Santorini. Many steps have already been completed, and it hopes to achieve our final goal soon.

Atlantis Oia divers will be able to be part of Hermes Project-Cousteau Divers from season 2020, contributing to monitor the temperature of the Ocean. Its environmental policy includes:

– Environmental oriented dive briefings.

– Minimizing disturbance of Marine Life.

– Clean-up days from beaches and sea floors

Eco-Diving Programs:

– Project hermes

– Blue Oceans

– Ecology & React Right Professional

– Coral Identification

– Fish Identification

– Marine Ecology

– Sea Turtle Ecology

– Shark Ecology

Research and Education:

Atlantis Oia instructors participate in different educational programs in local schools, to raise awareness about marine conservation and practises.


 Daily diving and snorkelling excursions for all levels and experience starting from the beautiful and traditional Bay of Amoudi, where our boats are moored, covering the best sites around Caldera and Volcanic islands, according to the weather and the levels of the divers. This is a half day activity, with daily availability of morning trips (starting around 9am and finishing 13:30h) as well as afternoon trips on demand.

There are also PRIVATE DIVING excursions and well as PRIVATE SNORKELING trips around Caldera.

*Free pick up and drop off from all hotels on the island.

*Includes a snack and drinks for the customers.

Contact us: nature (at)