We love it when technology meets ecology, especially in the outdoors! Armed with smart e-bikes that offer you that added push just when you need it, Aurelia Bikes has prepared a trio of “interactive e-bike guided tours” that will unveil the splendor and nature of this island in a healthy way and without missing a […]
We at Ecotourism Greece have signed up to Tourism Declares, an initiative that supports tourism businesses, organizations and individuals in declaring a climate emergency and taking purposeful action to reduce their carbon emissions as per the advice from The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to cut global carbon emissions to 55% below 2017 levels by 2030. Like […]
When farm and kitchen meet, you know you’re going to eat well! Karaiskos Farm is a gem in Pelion, one of the most authentic and unspoiled spots in Mainland Greece. The food is of high quality as Pelion attracts well-to-do Greek families as well as nature lovers who are after the finer things in life. […]
“Magic Bus #stinpriza tours” is Athens’ first travel and tour agency providing high-end green transport in Athens and its suburbs using 100% electric professional minivans with 0% carbon footprint and 0% sound pollution! The company offers a holistic environmentally friendly experience for guests, not just by using electric vehicles but also replacing plastic water bottles with eco-friendly […]
Explore Thirasia was founded by Yannis Daskalakis who not only is passionate about cycling but also has a deep respect and love for nature. He fell in love with Thirasia, the remote island right off Santorini because it has unspoiled nature and offers a window into the Cycladic past, before tourism development took over this […]
Gnosis Active Travel reflects one of its main pillars through its name: Gnosis means knowledge and awareness in Greek, while the Active part refers to both physical activity and to being active regarding environmental and social issues. The company was founded in 2012 by Yorgos Tsabourakis, a professional cultural guide with over 40 years of […]
It is often that we meet Greeks who were born or have lived abroad for a big part of their lives, and who have come back to their homeland with forward-thinking ideas in terms of sustainability and ecology. One of these pioneering individuals is Rebecca Skevaki, originally from Sfakia, Crete, who has embraced a very […]
Geologist and teacher Yiota Margariti loves her work as an educator. It is during the summer months however where her passion for unveiling the best of her island through hiking and storytelling awakens. Yiota is recognized as a certified guide who can engagingly convey the culture, heritage and history of Naxos to visitors. She was […]
Atlantis Oia Dive Center, a professional and family-run dive centre, is located in Oia, one of the most characteristic and beautiful villages in Santorini. The owners are Apostolos Stylianopoulos and Marta Fortes Vilaltella. Apostolos knows Santorini very well – above and underwater. He is a PADI Master Instructor, the first Cousteau diving instructor in Greece, and a Speedboat captain instructor. Marta is […]
Efthymios Gkantis always loved Nature, especially water sports.  He was free-diving from the age of 8, being a skipper in Dingy sailboat racing. As he grew older, he started more hobbies, like  hiking on mountains, canyoning and scuba diving, just to name a few.  Over the last few years he transformed his outdoor  hobbies into […]

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