KYTHERA: An island that turns fantasy into reality

Ever wish you could take everything you love about Greece, roll it all up into one beautiful, pristine location and have it gloriously unfold at your feet? If this sounds like a place that can only exist in your wildest winter-blues fantasy, you’re wrong. This ideal vacation spot isn’t a dream – it’s waiting for you on the island of Kythera.

Rugged hills and mountains perfect for hiking. Cascading waterfalls that pool in blue-green tropical lagoons beckon you for a swim amid lush vegetation. White-sand beaches hugged by cliffs invite you in for a dip. Caves dot the shoreline, waiting to be explored. All this and more is what Kythera generously offers its visitors – and they inevitably fall in love with this stunning, hidden gem of an island.

And love is practically ingrained in the mythological DNA of Kythera island. Legend has it that Aphrodite (Venus), the Greek goddess of love herself, was born in the sea-foam off the coast of Kythera before being swept away to Cyprus. In his Iliad, Homer also mentions Kythera and the island’s strong link to the goddess of love, as the Kytherean goddess feeds love itself. Hopeless romantics will feel right at home here, as ancient texts suggest that those who embrace their love on this island will unlock a secret, hidden passion.

For more information about Kythera and its enchanting villages and activities of this beautiful destination, click here.


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