Vigla Hotel

Vigla Hotel

When affordable luxury and Zen-influenced design meet with local tradition and island hospitality, the result is Vigla Hotel in Amorgos. Add to that eco-friendly experiences such as hiking and slow-food cooking, a nutritious local breakfast and outstanding landscapes, and you’ll be ready to embrace one of the best eco-friendly travel experiences of a lifetime.

Since Amorgos is one of the farthest islands away from Athens and has no airport, it remains one of the best islands to preserve a laid-back traditional way of life  full of eco-friendliness and – dare we say – spiritual energy that will appeal to any evolving soul. The Vigla has blended modernity with authenticity to deliver the very best of Cycladic island life and accommodation.

The property’s whitewashed Cycladic architecture dotted with natural stone sets the stage for an unforgettable stay. From single to family rooms, they all offer a great list of amenities such as free wi-fi, electric kettle and private balconies to natural toiletries, high-quality mattresses and air-conditioning.

Good food with local and organic tastes

The hotel’s owner, Mrs. Irini, is also an avid chef and has taken over the kitchen to ensure culinary perfection. To begin with, the richly outstanding breakfast here has taken the Greek Breakfast certification, thanks to a vigorous buffet-style mix of freshly baked goodies, perfectly ripe fruit, local honey, famous Greek yogurt, fresh fruit juice, Greek cheeses, Amorgos olives, homemade jams and so much more. Let’s just say that you’re going to start your day with some real good natural food.

The feast goes on for lunch or dinner: slow food delicacies, local free-range meats, and aromatic herbs from nearby hills. It’s worth noting that the hotel has organic fruit and vegetable farmlands that produce tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, grapes, apricots, onions and more, which are used for preparing the guests’ dishes. Add to this Amorgian cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, vegan delicacies such as locally hand-picked split-pea puree (fava) and freshly baked bread, and you’ll be on your way to culinary heaven.

Activities for the palate, body and mind

Vigla Hotel is not only about eating wholesome Mediterranean food but preparing it as well. Guests may take cooking lessons from chef Irini from May to October, and learn how to make stuffed vegetables, traditional sweets, eggplant dishes, savory pies and more. An equally enriching activity and a good opportunity to lose those extra healthy calories, is a hiking adventure across the island. There are several breathtaking hiking routes in Amorgos that combine sea and mountain, with a duration of 1 to 5 hours. After all, the property boasts the Hikers’ Friendly Hotels certification that ensures you’ll be experiencing the best of local nature, culture and attractions. Take the picnic basket from the hotel and head out to discover this nature-packed island. Lastly, Amorgos has a diving center, representing an activity that was made famous by all-time-classic French/English diving movie Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue). If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll understand the deep attraction this island has for divers.

Green Philosophy

The hotel’s evolving green philosophy includes installing LED lighting throughout the property, along with energy-efficient appliances and TVs. Recycling of plastic and cooking oil is a priority, as well as lessening plastic and plastic drinking straws supporting the ‘Sea Change’ initiative of Laskaridis Charitable Foundation. The management is also proud of its towel reuse program which is also helping to save water, energy and detergent. Another important eco action from Mrs. Despina and her friends is a grant secured from the Laskaridis Foundation to clean up the island’s beaches and place wooden trash can where possible. The management plans on strengthening its green philosophy even more in the near future!




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Vigla Hotel
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