Tetrapolis Guesthouse

Tetrapolis Guesthouse

At the foothills of Mount Kallidromo, which lies about two hours away from Athens, there was once a group of four small cities called Tetrapolis, representing the first settlements from Ancient Greece’s Doric era.(All year round)

Today, the same magical area, in one of the country’s most sacred natural areas, is home to Tetrapolis Guesthouse. This enchanting property with several stone and wood cabins offers a myriad of attractions and a delicious restaurant to enjoy, in addition to a warm welcome and lots of insight about the area from the people who run it.

A valley of amazing temptations

This little corner of the Greek countryside is a true eco-destination that offers many opportunities for hiking on Mount Kallidromos, horseback riding in the nearby hills, skiing on Mount Parnassus, canyoning in Aesop’s Gorge and rappelling down natural cliff-sides. In fact, there are six horses on the property itself that you can take for a leisurely ride, as well as experienced guides in the area that can show you the more adventurous side of the stunning natural attractions. Birdwatchers, animal lovers and amateur botanists will also fall in love with this place which is exceptionally rich in fauna and flora, from the endemic fir forests to the rare amphibians. Reindeer, wild boar, wolves and reptiles are known to roam these forests.

For lovers of history and archeology, a walk through the site of Cytinium (Kytinion), one of the four ancient cities, will fill remains of an extinct civilization. The area is also full with remains from as far back as the Paleolithic era (around 50,000 B.C.), as well as from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine ears. Monasteries, castle walls ancient cisterns will enchant the hiker in this impressive natural landscape. Last but not least, the impressive nearby site of Delphi – considered the center of the world in ancient times – is definitely worth a visit.

Mountain gastronomy at its best

If one day you feel like staying in or just having a nature stroll around the property, you’ll be impressed with the little cabins that could accommodate anywhere between one and four people. The larger of these have a fully-equipped kitchen and a fireplace, while all have free Wi-Fi, individual heating in winter and many other amenities that promise to upgrade your stay.

Beyond the rooms and the surrounding area, prepare yourself as well for a healthy Greek breakfast enriched with locally prepared jams, mountain honey, fresh eggs, savory pies, fresh fruit, traditional pancakes, sweet cakes and homemade bread. In summer breakfast is served in the Garden, and in winter it is enjoyed in the dining room with near the fireplace. Fresh orange juice, coffee and tea will make you want to lounge around longer and enjoy the overall relaxed ambiance.

Tetrapolis will also appeal to your palate at lunchtime and dinnertime, thanks to a variety of local dishes, pies and regional ingredients. You must sample the Tetrapolis salad, farmer’s omelet, hearty bean soup (fasolada), grilled meats and country sausages. Wash down your meal with some superb Greek wine, try one of the region’s strong spirits or sip a locally brewed after-dinner liqueur.

Best of all, Tetrapolis offers all its delicious meals, amazing attractions and local hospitality all year round. Putting this place on your travel map is definitely a wise choice.




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Tetrapolis Guesthouse
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Paleochori, Fthiotida

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