Sofia’s Apartments, Horio

Sofia’s Apartments, Horio

Kimolos is a hiker’s and ecotourist’s paradise, with an enchanting village life that still embraces its past traditions. If you check into Sophia’s apartments you can live like one of the locals right in the heart of a quiet, authentic island town.

Sophia’s Apartments are run by Sophia’s daughter, Aspasia, who loves her job and takes it very seriously. The four apartments are in great shape and very clean, right in the heart of this little quiet town and a short walk to many points of interest (restaurants, port, museum, historic churches, etc.).

While the classical blue-and-white Cycladic architecture of these four apartments makes them fit perfectly with the rest of the traditional village surroundings, on the inside the rooms are spacious, modern and convenient. You’ll find equipped kitchenettes, AC/heating, TV, free Wi-Fi internet, and best of all a fantastic view of the port from the big balcony. Each apartment fits anywhere from one person to a family of four, offering your own little home on one of the most authentic islands in the Cyclades.

Activities in town and in nature

Aspasia will be more than happy to help you discover the best of the island, from the Madonna de Rosario church right next to the property to the strange mushroom rock formation that’s considered one of Kimolos’ key attractions. Ask where you can buy the delicious local cheese, similar to feta but softer, known as Manouri Kimoliatiko. Aspasia can also put you in touch with Mr. Vangelis, who does personal tours of Kimolos and the nearby little island of Polyaigos, where you might spot protected species such as the Monachus Monachus seal, as well as rare turtles and reptiles.

You can also visit the natural thermal baths on the island to sit in the curative waters, as well as trek around Kimolos which boasts several decent hiking paths. A little shop by the port rents bicycles, which is a great way to discover the landscape and spot so of the wild herbs or local flowers that grow there, such as the sea daffodil (Pancratium maritimum). Don’t forget to pass by the small yet very well done archeological museum and explore the remains of the old fort in the center of town. Worth mentioning are the little restaurants in the heart of the village and by the port that will surprise you with the authenticity and freshness of their cuisine.

A green philosophy

Sophia Apartments has made an effort to adopt green practices such as energy-efficient lighting, and is the only hotel on the island that recycles its refuse (Aspasia actually takes the recyclable waste to nearby Milos which unlike Kimolos has recycling bins). Double flush toilets and a sheet/towel reuse program help ensure water savings. Cleaning is done using traditional natural ingredients such as vinegar and soda, minimizing the use of detergents. In the meantime, the use of eco-friendly paint is also a plus and helps you sleep more soundly on the island. Finally, you’ll also find traditional olive soap in your room, in line with the owner’s commitment to use natural and local products as much as possible.


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Sofia’s Apartments, Horio
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